Who is Popeye the sailorman

Who is Popeye the sailorman?

Who is Popeye

Who is Popeye the sailorman

Popeye the sailorman is an imaginary cartoon show with various characters in it. It is one of the mostly loved cartoons of the television world. This fictional character has been introduced by Elzie Crisler Segar. Popeye, very early made its impact in the media and comic strips frequently. This animated character has been introduced to the people in Thimble Theatre, a daily comic strip; for the first time in 1929. The series of these cartoon strips became very famous among comic lovers till 1930s. It has been run and maintained by various writers even after the death of Segar.
The Fleischer studios adapted the characters of Thimble Theatre comic strip, in 1933. These comic strips have been converted into theatrical shots under Paramount Pictures. Popeye has been later seen in various comic books, TV cartoon channels and video games tec. It has been said to get its name due to a ‘pop eye’; as the personality of the animated cartoon is created. In 1968, a movie on this famous character has been directed by Robert Altsman in which Robin Williams has performed some comedy as starring as Popeye.
Now a day, Popeye the sailorman is popular among children as their favorite cartoon character. This cartoon series is sponsored by some cartoon channels in television. It is very famous for its outstanding witty thoughts. In the animated cartoon program, it has been shown to love eating spinach. The cartoon character has few very close friends which are also the matter of discussion among children. Olive is one of the main characters of this animated cartoon series. She has been represented as the girl friend of Popeye the sailorman in that cartoon film.

Bluto is also pronounced as Brutus sometimes gets expressed as the competitor of Popeye the sailorman. He often tries to impress olive i.e. the girl friend of the sailorman; to attract her towards itself. Sweet pea is a loving guy of the sailorman which has been shown as its adopted son in the basic fictional story of the comic strip. The sailorman loves sweet pea a lot and takes care of the guy exclusively. Bluto is animated as a fat and negative character to oppose the sailorman’s policies always.
This cartoon series is very popular among children as well as adults for its amazing graphic designing. One can also download the cartoon movie of Popeye from the internet. Many public domain sources allow streaming video to play this interesting comic movie on PC; all over the world, anytime. This movie can also be edited by the help of movie editing software.
This whole series is helpful to improve children eating habits surprisingly. The kids who are seriously impressed with this cartoon character take an interest in eating green vegetables thoroughly. Popeye the sailorman gets enormous energy by consuming spinach on a regular basis. Sailing on sea and eating spinach has been expressed as two of the most favorite activities of the cartoon. In addition, the leading character is shown to have a pipe in its mouth always; even in the wallpapers of this animation series. Bluto and Sweet Pea are also popular characters of this fiction comic as they have their important role to create fun in the movie strip. Olive itself has a great popularity as one of the leading cartoon of the comic strip.

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