The Theme Song of Popeye

The Theme Song of Popeye

The Song of Popeye Theme

The Theme Song of Popeye

Among the most famous cartoon shows and characters we all know, Popeye is one of the most attractive and favored by the children as well as by adults. In cartoon shows of television, in various comic books, even in movies Popeye has appeared for several times and thus take a step towards our heart and memory. Now, Popeye is not only famous for its special quotes like – “I yam what I yam and that’s all what I yam”, but also for the theme song that had been created for Popeye. The theme song uses to describe the characters of Popeye in brief and thus makes his story more attractive and interesting to us. In fact, it also helps to build up the cartoon shows as well as the cartoon movies and live action movies of Popeye over the theme song. And for such a famous cartoon character like Popeye, it is really important to create a song that will attract people more towards it, and thus making it more popular. Basically, a theme song expresses all about the cartoon character, and thus it is really essential. For all these reasons, like many other famous cartoon characters, Popeye also have a theme song, which was created, written, composed as well as designed by Sammy Lerner back in the year 1933, the early ages of Popeye.
This theme song was designed for the Fleischer Studios first television cartoon shows on Popeye and after that the song has become an inseparable part of the cartoon character of Popeye.

A Sailor’s hornpipe is often used before playing the actual music of the theme song to create an environment likely to be present for the actual song. The theme song was named as “I’m Popeye, the Sailor Man” and is still known as that. The siren sound of the song is one of the major attractions which is created through the pipe of Popeye and makes the tune funny and more laughing for the children. There are some doubts about the originality of the song as some of the historian and analysts say that the tunes of the song may be slightly adapted from some songs of Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta, named the Pirates of Penzance. However, there is a significant doubt in this topic, and thus this has not yet been decided that whether the Popeye theme song is completely original or, not.
The cover of the theme song was being performed by an American Pop band, named Face to Face, and the song was included in the tribute album, produced by Ralph Sall and the album is named Saturday Morning: Cartoons’ Greatest Hits. This album is produced for MCA Records and the Popeye theme song cover was included in it in the year 1995. This proves the vast popularity of Popeye as well as his theme song. It has become a symbol of Popeye these days, and now the song pulls up more crowds towards the shows of Popeye. So, one can easily tell that the creation of the theme song of Popeye is really a very important step towards its glory.

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