The History of Creation of Popeye

The History of Creation of Popeye

The History of Popeye of Creation

The History of Creation of Popeye

When it comes to relaxing and refreshing our minds, we all need something that will make us feel fresh and ready for the next go again. For years, television is considered as one of the most refreshing medium, and among various shows that are held on the television, Cartoons are one of the major interesting programs in the air which make all of us, no matter what is the age group, laugh. Now, among various Cartoons, one of the most renowned cartoon characters for years is Popeye, a sailor man. The birth of this world famous comic character was back in the year 1928. The story of Popeye was first written by Elzie Crisler Segar. After making a debut in the in the comic strip named Thimble Theatre which was then handled by King Features, Popeye has become one of the major issues of interest of all comic stories and shows in the later years till now. The comic strip of Thimble Theatre was in its 10th year when Popeye had first arrived in the show, and in 1930s, he had become the major attraction of the strip. Many has thought that Segar’s death in 1938 may bring an end to the Popeye age, but that actually did not happen. Few other artists, writers, including Segar’s one of the most famous assistant, Bud Sagendorf, took up the charge and kept the show running.

In these days, the shows of Popeye are not only famous in its origin, but worldwide. Through print media, like – Newspapers, Comic books and so on, through digital media like – television shows of cartoons, cartoon channels, cartoon feature films and so on has been created on Popeye for years after years. It has become one of the most famous cartoon characters of many these days. The original strip of Popeye is now written by Hy Eisman since 1994 till date, and is now titled as Popeye and continuing its appearance in the Sunday editions as the first run installments. The Sagendorf’s stories are use to be shown in the daily strips. In the year 1933, Popeye had make his debut in the screen from the pages as Max Fleischer and Dev Fleischer of Fleischer Studios adapted the characters of Thimble Theatre and started a new series of theatrical short cartoon shows, named Popeye the Sailor, and the show was running under the umbrella of Paramount Pictures.
Soon Popeye had become the most famous cartoon character, and the show is running with flying colors. Later, the own studios of Paramount Pictures, Famous Studios kept the production running and continued to produce shows of Popeye. In these days, Popeye shows has been owned by the Turner Entertainment which is a subsidiary company of Time Warner and the shows are distributed and produced by its brother company, Warner Bros. Entertainment. Video games, advertisements, products make Popeye so much popular between us. Not only this, in the year 1980, director Robert Altman had directed a live action movie on Popeye. The role of Popeye was starred by Comedy actor Robin Williams.

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