Popeye comic strip

Popeye comic strip

comic strip Popeye

Popeye comic strip

Popeye is the most popular cartoon character from last couple of decades. Firstly in comic strips, then on television, as an animated cartoon show, as well as in movies. This amazing fictional cartoon series and its other character gained lots of love from the public. Fictional characters of this comic strip such as Popeye the sailorman, his girl friend Olive and her family, Bluto, Olive’s cousin Sweet Pea, of course, who can forget “the Spinach” that brought awesome super-natural powers to Popeye, and all the sailors of Popeye’s family; all these cartoon characters have been serving some unique and amazing entertainment to children as well as people of all age groups from over the years.
Popeye the sailorman is the actual fiction of a great cartoonist Elzie Crisler Segar, who makes Popeye’s first appearance on 17th January of year 1929. Mr. Segar introduced Popeye and his Spinach in the comic strip named “Thimble theatre”. This column was published daily in the “King Features” that was owned by “the Heart Corporation” and well known for distributing comic strips and editorial cartoons to newspapers and magazines of all over the world. Later he introduced several other characters of this fictional cartoon series like Sweet Pea, Olive, and Blunto etc.

That was the tenth year of Thimble Theatre when Segar brought Popeye the sailorman and his associated cartoon characters into existence through a comic strip. In 1930’s king features thoroughly focused over this project and after few years “Popeye” became a title of its own comic strip. After the death of Mr. Segar in 1938, the Thimble theatre continued this amazing comic strip with new artists and writers who brought lots of fun in the series of Popeye the sailorman. These changes of cartoonists prove revolutionary for the corporation as the comic strip gained a lot of popularity due to some amazing stories and cartooning-art.
The Popeye comic strip started its journey from a newspaper named “New York Journal”, which was operated by King Features Syndicate. Well’ the initial journey of Popeye that sailor man was quite interesting, because this character was introduced by Segar in a minor role. The comedy cum adventure comic strip was actually started as a story of Olive Oyl and Harold Hamgravy– her boyfriend, which also featured Castor Oyl- the enterprising brother of Olive. Some frequent appearances were also made by Olive’s parents Nana and Cole oil. As Popeye became more famous and loved by reader than other characters, the comic strip started to focus over him; thus, he got the lead role in it.
Major characters of Popeye comic strip, Bluto and Sweet pea, made their first appearance into this strip in year 1932 and 1933 respectively. Bluto or Brutus was planned as one-time character named Bluto the terrible by Segar, but Fleischer Studios liked his role, and adapted him as a villain in their animated cartoon shows. The concept of Sweet pea was received by Segar in a mail that he introduced as a foundling baby later. Later comic strip included so many elements and characters, which have been entertaining people around the globe from last eight decades, and so on.

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