How Popeye and Olive Met

How Popeye and Olive Met

Popeye and Olive Met How

How Popeye and Olive Met

In the comic and cartoon world, this is certainly the year of Popeye the sailor man. Popeye is celebrating his diamond jubilee this year having been launched way back in 1929. Popeye is a short, balding, toothless sailor and a very unlikely hero if one looks at him from today’s perspective. But then, the heroine of the series, Olive, who is the girlfriend of Popeye is also very different as she is as thin as a paper card and much taller than Popeye. She is a fickle minded girl and often falls to the guiles of Bluto, another sailor who happens to an adversary of Popeye. It is left to Popeye’s super strength (after consuming a can of spinach) to rescue her from the clutches of Bluto. Though every time the film ends with when Popeye manages to beat Bluto, millions of fans around the world watch the film avidly to see Popeye sing a song at the end of the film.

However, not many know that the creator of the series, E. C. Segar, introduced Popeye into the series as a bit of a character in 1929 though the series was already running for the last 10 years with the focus on Oyl family with Olive and her brother Castor Oyl. Ham Gravy was the beau of Olive and two were looking for a sailor to crew a ship to rob a casino when they go up to Popeye asking if he was a sailor. Popeye replies saying Ja think I’m a cowboy. This is the first time Popeye and Olive meet. Segar did not intend to continue with Popeye longer, and when Popeye disappeared from the series later, angry readers wanted him back, he was loved so much. Slowly but surely, Popeye himself became the central character of the strip getting rid of most of the earlier characters. Rest is history as the story in every episode from this meeting onwards revolved around the antics and fight between Popeye and Bluto and the love story of Popeye and Olive.

Soon, the creator focused upon Popeye, Bluto, and Olive, and also added a few new characters such as Sweat Pea, the adopted son of Popeye, and Wellington Wimpy. Wimpy happens to be a lover of hamburgers and a strong friend of Popeye. Popeye soon made an appearance in movies when Popeye the sailor man was seen in theaters.

Popeye soon became Olive’s new boyfriend though Olive remained as fickle minded as ever and was seen getting impressed by the guiles of Bluto. Popeye was shown fighting with Bluto to save his girlfriend from his clutches.

The reason why there is so much talk about Popeye and other characters of the cartoon series is that the series is in its 75th year of launch and the event is being celebrated in different parts of the world with Popeye memorabilia being sold that includes soft toys and posters of this great unsung hero of our times. The real motive behind this effort is to popularize consumption of spinach in the country,

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