Elzie Crisler Segar The Person behind Popeye

Elzie Crisler Segar- The Person behind Popeye

The Person behind Popeye Elzie Crisler Segar

Elzie Crisler Segar The Person behind Popeye

Elzie Crisler Segar was the great cartoonist from America. He was the pioneer of the greatest cartoon character Popeye, who gained a lot of popularity through comics, television cartoon show also in the animated movies as well as simple movies. He was a marvelous personality and had some unique style of his own as he was used to of signing in a different manner. He was used to leave a sign of a cartoonist as a trade mark in his signatures as he drew a cigar, and then simply work over it as E. Segar or Segar.
The birth place of E.C. Segar was Chester, Illinois that is a small town situated near Mississippi river. His father was a handyman, and he was used to of assisting him in his early days, before accepting cartooning as a profession. He had done paper handling and house painting with his father, but he was a skilled drummer. He also worked in movies and local theatres, where he got a job of film projectionist. At the age of 18, he professionally started cartooning. In W.L. Evans of Cleveland, he had done a correspondence course for cartooning. Segar for introduced into the professional cartooning through Chicago Herald- a newspaper in Chicago, Illinois; by the influence of Mr. Richard F. Outcault, who was the maker of Buster Brown and The yellow Kid. The historic date was 12th of March 1918. Later he did some more remarkable cartooning in Herald and Evening-American.
Popeye was the greatest work by E.C. Segar. He joined King Feature Syndicate, and started his work in New York journal through Thimble Theatre, which was the cartoon column in that news magazine. Actually, William Curley, who was the managing editor of Evening-American, suggested him to seek an opportunity in New York.

He debuted on the 19th December of 1919, through a comic strip of New York journal. This strip featured Olive Oyl and Harold Hamgravy who was Olive’s boyfriend. Both characters were fictional also their relatives who were featured later in this comic strip. Few more characters were added in the next decade, like Castor Oyl, Nana and Cole Oyl, and then Segar introduced Popeye with his super-Spinach as a minor character in the same comic strip. The date was 17th of January 1929, when Popeye the sailorman came into existence. His role was of a mariner, who helped Castor Oyl to navigate a ship to an island. Popeye’s first words in the comic strip were “Ja think I’m a Cowboy”. After his first appearance Popeye became the ultimate star of the comic strip, which brought him the lead role and a comic strip of his own name.
Later, Popeye and other characters of this comic strip like Olive, Sweet Pea, Popeye’s enemy Bluto, family members of Olive and spinach got a lot of fame and popularity. Spinach gave him a lot of strength to Popeye, so that he could fight with Brutus, and bring olive back from him. On 13th of October Elzie Crisler Segar was passed away, but he became immortal through his fictional character Popeye the sailorman.

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