Popularity of Popeye in Medias

Popularity of Popeye in Medias

Popularity in Medias of Popeye

Popularity of Popeye in Medias

In the January 17th, 1929, the fictional cartoon character Popeye had made his debut to the pages of the comic strip Thimble Theatre. After that, he doesn’t need to look back as the story of his fame just keeps moving forward. With the increase in the glory, Popeye has become the subject of famous cartoon stories, and thus the shows of him are starting to be published outside the print media as well. This is the indication of his popularity and acceptance among the people belonging to different age group. The shows on Popeye are famous on television cartoon shows, on comic books, in the silver screen cartoon movies and so on. Popeye has become famous in all those entertainment Medias and has become one of the major characters of cartoon world. Now, we all know about the popularity of the shows of Popeye in Medias like newspaper comic sections, comic books, small screen television cartoon shows and so on. However, this is not all about the popularity of Popeye in the entertainment world as the character has become popular in various other mass medium of entertainment as well. This includes big screen, radio, video games, and pinball games and so on. All these are the signs of huge recognition of Popeye and his shows.
The first major broadcast of Popeye shows except those in the digital media had occurred in the radio in the year 1935. A 15 minute show in every three weeks had been aired in the radio. Detmar Poppen had starred as the Popeye and the show was named as “Popeye the Sailor”. In these periods of three years, total 204 numbers of shows of Popeye over the radio had been aired, and till date, only 20 episodes of them are still in existence. The silver screen is also thrilled with the presence of Popeye for several times. There are many cartoon movies that are featured on Popeye, but that is not all about his presence in the big movie screen. A live action feature film had created on Popeye which has been directed by Robert Altman. The role of Popeye had been acted by Robin Williams, and the character of Olive Oyl, the girlfriend of Popeye was acted by Shelley Duvall. This is a joint venture of Walt Disney and Paramount pictures production and the movie had earned twice the money used as the budget of the movie.
There is another real action movie on Popeye is coming under the production house Sony Pictures Animation. In the year 1981, the first video game on Popeye was out in the market. The game named Popeye and was created by Nintendo. Since then, there are various games out in the market about Popeye and many of them have become a real success in the gaming world. Popeye is being an issue of interest for children and their parents for years, and thus creations on him are a real subject of marketing him. Toys, restaurants and various other things are on Popeye also proves its fame.

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