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Popeye the movie

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Popeye the movie

It is one of the finest memories of some people’s childhood watching the Popeye the sailorman cartoon. It was a real hit cartoon of its time; the series of the sailorman was created in the year 1929, by Elzie Segar. It is a really amazing thing to think that how Mr. Segar got the idea of making Popeye a squinted eye man who loves to eat spinach. He is really muscular, just think about it, the sailor with a squinted eye who gets superhuman strength when he eats some spinach; isn’t it amazing? He do this action by pressing the box of spinach by his powerful hands, and after eating it, he gets so powerful that he can do anything, nothing is impossible for Popeye after that can of spinach. When we talk about Popeye, we have to talk about his girlfriend called olive oyl, a really long girl with skinny body, but still Popeye loved him. He saved her every time when she gets in some trouble with all his might, and when there is a hero, along comes the villain, and the villain in this cartoon series was a really fat guy named bluto who was also a sailor.
Bluto always tries to take olive away from Popeye because he also likes the girl, and every time bluto tries to kidnap olive as he loves her he gets beaten to a pulp by Popeye. When Bluto gains the upper hand on Popeye in a fight along comes the can of spinach to save the day, the way Popeye used to eat his spinach is one of the most amazing moments in the cartoon, he uses his muscled arms and sometimes even his pipe to eat his spinach, that pipe became a symbol for Popeye’s character.
If you are an admirer of this cartoon then you have sure remembered all the characters used in this series, and one of those characters is sweet pea who is Popeye’s adopted baby, sweet pea is also a famous character of the Popeye series because of its ordeals, sweet pea gets them in trouble all the time and Popeye always comes to save them no matter in what kind of problem they are? It is really funny to notice how Popeye the sailorman paves way to rescue its pals from troubles all the time and one of the amazing moments of this cartoon was when Popeye pumps his muscle’s and you can see the anchor tattoo on his arm. He adores sweet pea as his adopted son.
Popeye the sailorman cartoon series got so much popularity that even a movie was made, the movie was named as Popeye the movie, movie got created in the year 1980 and directed by Robert Altman, the character of the famous Popeye was played by Robin Williams, Shelley Duvall played the role of olive in this movie. The role of Brutus was played by Paul L. Smith, the movie got great success, another movie based on Popeye is being made and is said to release in upcoming years.

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