Popeye the cartoon

Popeye the cartoon

the cartoon Popeye

Popeye the cartoon

A period of eight decades, and just one comic series, this really is a big achievement for Popeye the cartoon. Generations have gone by, but this cartoon show has never stopped entertaining people. Popeye the sailorman, Sweet pea, Olive, and Bluto are the all time favorite characters, which brought some kind of magic over the television screen as well as on 70MM screen. Popeye was created by E.C. Segar as his fiction for a comic strip named Thimble Theatre, which was associated with King Features Syndicate and published on New York Journal.
Fleischer Studio showed its interest for launching an animated cartoon series on television in the year 1932. They did an agreement with King Features in the month of November of that year. According to this agreement, the Fleischer Studio had the right to use all fictional characters of Thimble Theatre in its animated cartoon TV-show. Thus, how the era of this amazing cartoon series started in year 1933. The production house “Paramount Pictures” released this cartoon series on TV which was its main series of this production house over the next 25 years. As the animated Popeye dominated the TV world and turned out to be a sensation over the other animated cartoon series on television, it reflected the Popeye comic strip’s popularity, as well. There was a poll organized for Hollywood’s most popular animated character in 1938, and Popeye the sailorman topped the charts.
In each episode of Popeye, he or Olive was put into a situation that appeared to be almost hopeless then eventually he got Spinach from somewhere that brought him some incredible power.By virtue of this power, he becomes a super-human and gets himself or Olive out of that situation through an amazing way. This was all about a general overview of every episode of Popeye the sailorman, but the remarkable thing about this cartoon series is that it always comes with some different stories and fun with its other characters.
Paramount pictures and Fleischer Studios got separated by the mid of 1941, so the reorganized studio was renamed as Famous Studios. Till 1957, they short 125 episodes of the Popeye series, in which the remarkable ones were those made after Second World War. The cartoon characters were also got featured in the war theme, in these episodes; he was fighting against other rival countries.
In the year 1985 at South Korea, the Popeye’s black & white cartoon shows were retraced into color, but those shorts were available only in early years of the last decade of 20th century. In the year 2001, the historical personality of animation- Mr. Jerry Beck, brought Popeye to the “Cartoon Network“- a famous cartoon channel. In his extraordinary supervision a new animation series “the Popeye show” starts spreading magic over the TV screens again. Warner home videos also made an announcement in the year 2006, to release all theatrical production released from 1933 to 1957 of Popeye cartoon, in colored version.
The best thing about Popeye the sailor man cartoon series is this no matter the owners or production houses keep on changing over these 8 decades, but the characters like Olive, Sweet pea, Bluto remained favorites among the people.

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