Popeye video game

Popeye video game

video game Popeye

Popeye video game

Popeye the sailorman video game came in 1982. It was developed and published by Nintendo. The credit to design this platform game goes to Genyo Takeda and Shigeru Miyamoto, while there are some rumors that Ikegami Tsushinki also co-operated his efforts in designing the game. Two of the players can enjoy the video game in the form of alternate operation or one person can also enjoy the game alone. Popeye, the cartoon character, is available in to two configurations, standard and cocktail.
The license of this arcade game was possessed by Atari to release it in UK and Ireland, exclusively. The cabinet to display the game was manufactured and designed by Atari only. The top five scores are kept as the record on the scoreboard of this game. The world record regarding this video game is secured on the name of Ben Falls who scored 3,023,060 points on Dec, 2011; as it has been stated by the Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard.
The basic concept of this game is expressed in a fantastic manner to make it quite entertainting for children. The entire session of the game is based on the exact story of popeye as shown in the live action movie of Popeye the sailorman. The player has to gain some special items, on various levels of the game; through the animated character of the sailorman. These items include a no. of hearts, musical notes and help letters. During the collection of these items, the game character needs to face certain interrupters such as Bluto or Brutus, sea storms and other kinds of dangerous situations.
The player can use an 8-way joystick to move Popeye upward, downward, backward and forth direction. An attack button is there to beat the danger but, the character cannot be commanded to jump in order to avoid the enemy. While, there is a system for Bluto, the enemy of the sailorman; to jump up and down for knocking him out. He cannot be directly attacked by Popeye the sailorman while he can just avoid him by destructing the harmful items like bottles, skulls and beast birds.
The concept is designed to be funnier by the incorporation of a spinach can in every level of the game. Spinach is one of the favorite items of the sailorman and consuming it enhances his power, surprisingly. Attacking on the spinach provides energy to Popeye. Thus, it can beat Bluto by running through him for the time. This attacking action lasts only for few seconds and Brutus can come again to create a challenging situation before him. There are some barrels which can be used by the sailorman to knock down Brutus.
Olive, sweet pea and wimpy are also the licensed cartoon characters; in this video game. They appear considerably decorative, thus do not incorporate more in the game play. Sweet pea appears in the higher level when the sailorman touch sees saw and earns bonus points. Further, Popeye the sailorman undergoes a dream walking where Olive also appears to be rescued by him. Olive is his girl friend while sweet pea is his foundling baby, according to the original comic strip.

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