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Popeye merchandise

merchandise Popeye

Popeye merchandise

Popeye, the sailorman is a popular cartoon hero, which is notably famous among children for its funny appearance and amazing actions. It was basically a character with little role in the comic strip, Thumble Theatre earlier. Later, the increased craze of this animated cartoon character suggested the designers to modify the fictional story; revolving around Popeye. This step of the creators really proved successful and the comic earned viewers’ attention; in a quite fascinating way.
Soon, the action movie of this cartoon represented the need of merchandising. Popeye the sailorman became to be known as one of the leading character to rule over the heart of the audience. This animated character was featured frequently in the popular comic strips and magazines thoroughly. Later, it was subjected for mass merchandising. This ultimately fascinating cartoon is created by Bud Sagendorf for King’s features. Then, the publication of this cartoon series in king’s comic was ceased. Bud became busy with other projects. The rights to publish Popeye further had been transferred to Charlton comics. Here, George Altman, an American cartoon artist was offered the opportunity to design this cartoon for the script of Joe Gill. He did the job from 1969 to 1977. Later, Bill Pearson continued with the script of this world famous imaginary cartoon sailorman.
The comic strip had been renamed as Popeye. This interesting cartoon hero is represented as a sincere sailorman in the action film. The reason of popeye’s power is spinach. Olive is his girl friend. She loves the sailorman but, sometimes get enough angry on him for very small matters. Bluto is a powerful enemy of popeye, the sailorman; with huge muscular body. He has a romantic interest in Olive. This is the main reason of fight between him and Bluto (also called as Brutus). Thus, both of these sailormen always make plans of defending each other anyhow. Sweet pea is also a significant character of the same cartoon series. He is a crawling kid who is too small to talk properly. The sailorman and his girlfriend loves sweet pea very dearly according to the story.
Thus, the entire fiction is based on the factual tale of love, romance, jealousy and funny revengeful planning. Bluto often tends to kidnap her dream girl i.e. Olive. He plans with great zeal to meet his purpose, but every time gets defeated by the sailorman. As the two sailorman competes for a girl in the series; strength matter a lot here. Brutus remains weaker than the popeye even after possessing more muscular appearance. He regularly eats spinach to become energetic. The cartoon has always been shown to carry its spinach can with it everywhere.
Extraordinary representation of all these ordinary actions in the cartoon strips turned on the public attention to purchase popeye collectibles in high amount. Many merchandisers are actively selling popular items with the logo of popeye. Such as toys, vintage, books, magazines, T- shirts with the photo of popeye are available easily in the markets. One can also find these stuffs online. The characters of Sweet pea, Brutus and Olive are also being redeemed in popeye merchandising. The public craze for this animated cartoon strip led the merchandising business to the heights.

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