Popeye Memorabilia Time to Celebrate an Unsung Hero

Popeye Memorabilia: Time to Celebrate an Unsung Hero

Time to Celebrate an Unsung Hero Popeye Memorabilia

Popeye Memorabilia Time to Celebrate an Unsung Hero

Popeye is an unlikely hero for all those who love to watch his antics in the animated film series called Popeye the sailor man. The series that was created by E. C. Segar in 1929 is entering its 75th year and remains as popular as ever. The 75th anniversary of Popeye is being celebrated with great zeal by the admirers of the comic strip and cartoon films and to honor this hero, toys, collectibles, and memorabilia have been launched and being sold in all corners of the world. Popeye is one of the very few characters that are loved despite their ugly personalities. He is bald, short, and certainly not a handsome man by any stretch of imagination. But one habit of his and that is to gulp down a can of spinach to gain strength and muscle power to take on the might of Bluto, another sailor, mostly to save his girlfriend Olive remains etched in the memories of all the lovers of Popeye. Hope you remember sweat pea, a small baby that resembled Popeye, and many believed him to be Popeye’s baby.

Celebrating diamond jubilee of a cartoon character also assumes significance in the wake of great help in popularizing the habit of eating spinach. Yes, it is a fact that the sale and consumption of spinach in the country went up many time more with the comic showing the hero getting immediate muscle power and strength upon eating spinach. Spinach happens to be one gift from Mother Nature that has been there, fulfilling the nutritional requirements of the mankind in a perfect manner for the last so many centuries. The green, leafy plant serves as a food source that is full of iron, vitamin A, and many other minerals and vitamins that are required by us on a daily basis. Interestingly, Segar, the creator of Popeye the sailor man, presented spinach as a super food because of the abundance of vitamin A, and not iron as is believed by many. It was only later through research by scientists that people came to know of myriad benefits of spinach. In fact, after a century of research, we are still seeing new benefits unfolding with consumption of spinach.

For example, a cup of spinach has enough fibers in it to help aid in digestion and prevent constipation. It keeps blood sugar levels down and prevents people from overeating by making them feel full for a long time. It is not just prostate cancer that is inhibited by consumption of spinach; it has been shown to slow down cell division inside stomach, including skin cancer cells. Spinach contains two anti inflammatory ingredients in very high amounts that prevent inflammation in body joints. It is already known that spinach is good at keeping blood sugar levels low and thus a good vegetable to include in the diet of diabetics.

However, the benefits of spinach for us do not end here and only recently it has been found that spinach is good at lowering blood pressure also.

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