Popeye collectibles

Popeye collectibles

collectibles Popeye

Popeye collectibles

Popeye collectibles refer to the collection of relevant Popeye toys, Episode CDs and DVDs, merchandise clothes of this popular cartoon. Collectibles also represents articles and contents on the web about interesting and famous characters of the cartoon. These articles can include a large range of books and magazines containing the fiction story of the sailorman. Moreover, there are vintage toys and memorabilia regarding the animated story. These toys are designed as the mimic of interesting cartoon characters from this series such as Olive, Bluto and sweet pea.
Those with an addiction for cartoons have shown a great deal of interest to get information regarding the collectibles of Popeye the sailorman. The main reason behind this curiosity is the intense craze of that cartoon character among the audience. In 1919, Elzie Crisler Segar evolved an ultimate creation in the form of Thimble Theatre comic strip. This comic story was published daily as a part of fiction. The enhanced popularity of this mind blowing imagination motivated the writers and artist personnel’s of the king’s features to introduce interesting cartoon characters in the animated series, one by one, within the duration of few years. The comic strip appeared frequently in the newspaper as well as television media in the form of live action movie and animated cartoon film.
Actually, the introduction of the current leading cartoon character of this series occurred after the ten years of the establishment of the comic series. Popeye the sailorman was appeared in the cartoon story on January, 1929. He later became the main character of this comic fiction. The comic series had also been revised for the name on that time and begun to be known as Popeye. The name probably represents the dilated appearance of an eye i.e. pop eye of the lead character. Its interesting activities won the heart of the audience, thus the creators focus to represent the whole fiction on the basis of this passionate sailorman. His love for spinach surprises children for the reason of gaining instant energy. It’s really an innovative way to attract children towards green vegetable such as spinach.
Various international companies are active to launch the series of attractive popeye toys in various poses. In order to impart a real touch to the toys, some mimics are designed with Popeye the sailorman having the spinach can in his hands.. These toys are made up of wood, caste iron and reinforced plastic etc. There are also some mind blowing paintings and posters to show the exact scenario of Popeye the sailorman.
One of the leading art companies offers Popeye toy with the wooden pipe as it always seen with, in the animated visual show. Similarly, another company provides popeye card games to redeem the popularity of this amazing cartoon. Story books and portraits of the sailorman catch the heart of its fans to purchase the interesting collectibles. Movie posters and exact dummies of olive, bluto and sweet pea are also available in the market.
All the cartoon characters of the series such as Bluto, sweet pea and Olive etc. are highly lovable among kids since 1930s. Later, the personal studio of paramount pictures continued production of this fictional cartoon movie. The adaption of popeye the sailorman story by Fleischer Studios was taken in 1933 for paramount pictures. Now, Turner Entertainment is the owner of this cartoon strip.

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