Who is Sweet Pea in Popeye the Sailor Man

Who is Sweet Pea in Popeye the Sailor Man?

Who is Sweet Pea in Popeye

Who is Sweet Pea in Popeye the Sailor Man

Sweet Pea, lovingly called Swe’Pea by Popeye and Olive Oyl in the popular comic strip and TV series Popeye the sailor man, is a small baby that many mistakenly consider to be Popeye’s son. Not many people know how and when Sweat Pea made his appearance in the series, but loyal fans know that Popeye found this cute looking boy on his doorsteps one day. The boy resembled Popeye amazingly, and this led many to misbelieve that he is a child of Popeye and Olive.

Many would wonder why this hullaballoo over a sweet little boy in a comic series. But there is a solid reason behind selling of toys related with Popeye and celebrating year 2012 as the diamond jubilee year of the comic strip that was launched way back in 1929. The central character of the cartoon series, Popeye the sailor man, is a hero in the true sense of the world and quite unlike other super heroes as he does not possess any super natural abilities. He takes on the might of Bluto, another sailor who is twice his size and stronger than Popeye also. Whenever Popeye feels he is losing the battle against Bluto, he opens a can of spinach and gulps down its contents. He is instantly charged and gains both strength and muscle power to beat Bluto and free Olive from his clutches.

Of course Popeye is symbolic in nature; the very fact that his diamond jubilee is being celebrated in different parts of the world is signal enough for the people to start eating spinach which is considered a super food by doctors and scientists because of abundance of essential minerals and vitamins in this green, leafy vegetable. Though the plant originated in west Asia, it was introduced to Europe and Americas and soon became very popular in all parts of the world. The creator of the cartoon series Popeye the sailor man, contrary to popular belief that he made Popeye eat spinach because of its iron content, believed spinach to be a rich source of beta carotene that helps build muscles and strength.

Spinach is associated with the famous decimal error that occurred when Professor Von Bunge released the results of iron content. On place decimal error meant that public got to know a wrong iron content that indicated nearly 10 times more iron that is actually present in spinach. This decimal error was later explained or ascribed to bad science practices at the turn of 19th century. But this error was instrumental in making people of the country take up eating of spinach in a big way, and son, the consumption of spinach became manifold in the country.

There is perhaps no other food item that has been a subject of constant research like spinach. The benefits of spinach to mankind are still unfolding, and the latest in the series is its ability to lower blood pressure by producing nitric acid in the mouth when eaten. This nitric acid is known to reduce blood pressure.

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