Who is sweet pea

Who is sweet pea?

sweet pea

Who is sweet pea

Sweet pea is one of the interesting cartoon characters of Popeye comic strip. This comic series is created by E.C. Segar on Dec, 1919. It has been some time pronounced as Sweet pea, which is a loving title for the dearest one. This term is used by Popeye the sailorman for his foundling to whom he cares a lot. The name is kept in the reference of a beautiful flower, sweet pea.
The entire comic strip is totally an imaginary creation. On the original comic, Thimble Theatre represented that sweet pea is a kid in the story of a sailor man which was found on his door step according to the basic story. Actually, this baby has been delivered in to a box to Popeye by the unknown source. He was adopted by Popeye as his son and found his intimate care. The girl friend of the sailorman, Olive Oyl also takes his care sincerely. The appearance of this kid is represented as a crawling baby; it eventually sounds ‘glop’ only. After the year, it grew up by the age to talk in a normal way. It can even throw punches, wherever necessary to incorporate some fun in the animated movie.
Once it appeared to hit the punch to Bluto, the enemy of Popeye the sailorman. Olive is the girl friend of the sailorman, who often gets kidnapped by Brutus. The sailorman becomes successful every time to rescue his girl friend out of the enemies trap by gaining power through the consumption of spinach.
This comic strip becomes very popular among children as well as adults, all around the world. The whole story is more or less similar to the comic strip, live action movie and the animated series. The leading character in the cartoon series appears to eat spinach to earn the energy. This kind of representation is very useful to create positive affect over the children. They take thorough interest to consume green vegetables.
Popeye the sailorman is interestingly expressed as an amazing story of a love triangle with a lot of fun and adventure. The wittiness and intelligent attitude of Popeye, rude and somewhat angry appearance of Olive and funny ideas of Bluto impart this comedian show a flow of fun and adventure for the viewers. The story always shows mystery regarding the plans of Bluto to knock down its opponent sailor and win the heart of his girl friend.
The activities of Popeye, such as eating spinach with great interest, having a blow pipe in its mouth always, taking care of its adopted son, and sailing on the sea attracts children very much. The role of sweet pea in this whole series is to add some more comedy and fun in certain events. Moreover, the presence of this character is helpful to proceeds the story in an adventurous manner. In some places of the basic comic strip, this child character is represented as the nephew of the sailor man’s girl friend while in other events; confusions are created whether the kid is the own son.

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