Who is Olive

Who is Olive?

Who is Olive?

Who is Olive?

Olive is one of the leading cartoon characters of a world famous cartoon strip. This carton series has been evolved in 1919 by E.C. Segar. The main character of this fictional animated cartoon story is a sailor; who loves to eat spinach. The name of the live cartoon movie, still being shown in television media has been provided after its main character i.e. Popeye the sailorman. Originally, the fiction has been incorporated in a daily comic strip of king’s feature called Thimble Theatre. This strip was renounced for its name as Popeye; after the unique success of this cartoon character. It became surprisingly popular among people within a short time span.
The real fact about olive is that it was the leading character of the fictional comic story before 10 years of Popeye’s introduction to the series. Later, its popularity stepped down i.e. up to second ranking after the sailorman. Her role and appearance is more or less similar in the comic strip and the animated cartoon show in television.
In the originally written comic strip, Olive Oyl was a fashionable gal of thin personality with its long black hair designed in to a bun. She was represented as the fiancée of Harold Ham gravy. He was a lazy character who did not wish to work at all. Thus, he was often intended to borrow money from other persons. Moreover, he gets attracted towards the rich women who were not liked by his fiancée naturally. This condition caused the occurrence of a lunaphobia fit to olive once that is a kind of angry madness. Later, she recovered, but continued pretending to be sick in order to win Harold’s heart back. She was very devoted for him till the appearance of Popeye, a spinach lover in the story. Both of them did not like each other at the first sight and fought with each other bitterly. Later, they realized to become caring for each other.
The animated cartoon version of olive; by Fleischer Studios is very popular due to its interesting appearance. It has been designed with tall and lean personality. The enormous feet of the character are frequent comic matter. In TV cartoon shows, she appeared as the girl friend of the sailorman. She tends to get angry, very often, over the small things. The archrival of Popeye; Bluto wants to win her affection. Thus, often kidnaps her in the cartoon story; but his lover, the sailorman rescues her every time from Bluto, with his amazing physical power. This enormous power of Popeye the sailorman is shown as to be obtained by frequent consumption of spinach. In this way, Bluto has also won the viewers’ attention for its important role in the cartoon strip.
Olive is expressed as a caring girl in the fiction, as she takes care of sweet pea, a cute baby. It has not been exactly cleared in the story that sweet pea is an adopted son of her or Popeye the sailorman. It is probably the foundling of the sailorman. Sometimes, it has been suggested by the comic strip that sweet pea is olive’s nephew that’s why she takes care of it regularly. The overall scenario of the comic film cannot seem interesting without this cartoon character there.

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