Who is Bluto in Popeye

Who is Bluto in Popeye?

Who is Popeye in Bluto?

Who is Bluto in Popeye?

This is a question people living in a remote corner of the world can ask what with the comic strip of Popeye the sailor man and its animated avatar being telecast in all parts of the world for the last so many decades. For the benefit of all those who are really unaware of the central character Bluto of this film, he is the villain of the series who is all the time posing trouble for the hero Popeye and trying to impress his girlfriend Olive. Bluto is a sailor just like Popeye and perhaps stronger and bigger than our poor hero who is short, ugly, and always smoking cigar. But hero has to win and this the creator has ensured by giving him super strength and muscle power through spinach, which is a wonder food used by people all over the world. As Bluto is stronger than Popeye and he cannot beat him in a one to one fight, Popeye has to gulp a can of spinach every time he feels he is losing the battle against the villain. The small baby shown in the series sometimes is not Popeye’s baby. His name is sweat pea and belongs to some relative of the sailor.

Why are we talking so much about Bluto? Because Bluto is only symptomatic of all the ailments and diseases that a super food like spinach is capable of defeating and saving people from all the trouble and medication they are forced to take to cure themselves. Spinach is one food item that has all the essential nutrient we need on a daily basis to fulfill the requirements of our bodies. There is no other food source on our planet that is more nutrient dense than spinach. All vitamins, all minerals, you name them and they are there in the green, leafy vegetable that is very versatile as a food item as it can be eaten raw in salads, boiled and turned into smoothies or taken in as a soup. The vegetable has long been proved as beneficial for people to gain muscle power and to regain lost strength. This is precisely why spinach soup is recommended by doctors after surgeries and for patients recuperating in hospitals. This is possible because of rich iron and beta carotene content in spinach.

We do not know about many important metals and elements that are found in traces in our bodies but are essential for our well being. We never know when their quantities in our bodies go down to make use fall prey to various ailments. This is why it is important to include spinach in our daily diet as it fulfills our requirements of these metals and elements.

Though spinach is believed to have originated in Asia, especially Persia, it has today spread to all parts of the world and being used to provide strength working as a food item that is so rich in nutrients. This is one food item that happens to be the most researched one in the world.

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