Who is Bluto

Who is Bluto?

Who is Bluto?

Who is Bluto?

Bluto is one of the leading characters of the famous comic series, Popeye the sailorman, created by Elzie Crisler Segar. Segar introduced this character in 1932; after three years of the introduction of Popeye, the sailorman into the series. The entire comic strip is an eventual fiction which had been continuously published by various authors and artists of the king features; even after the death of Segar. The cartoon series was earlier named as Thimble Theatre, which was later renamed as ‘Popeye’.
Bluto is also called Brutus, is the competitor of the sailorman. He wants to impress, olive oyl; the girlfriend of the leading character of the cartoon film. This character is portrayed by Paul L. Smith in live action film while Alec Baldwin portrayed it in the animated series. It is the funniest character of the whole imaginary story, which often plans to defeat its opponent anyway. It is even not exactly cleared by the cartoon film that who is stronger; Popeye the sailorman or Brutus. Many a time, Brutus has been shown to kidnap Olive for catching her attention, but Popeye rescues her from his trap every time with the help of his power.
Popeye is imaged as a powerful sailorman who restore its energy by consuming spinach frequently. Bluto is represented with the muscular body and strong appearance. Sometimes, he becomes capable of beating the leading sailorman; surprisingly. His voice is very loud, harsh with some bear like growling sound while talking. He is severely attracted to the girlfriend of his enemy and wishes to win her love by knocking down his lover.
Popeye, the sailorman is very intelligent who works on practical and eventually useful plans. On the other hand, Brutus is a foolish fellow to work without any planning. His thoughtlessness is one of the most comedian features of him. He has been even knocked down by sweet pea, the foundling of the sailorman. Many a time, he seems to be stronger than the sailorman; even if he eats spinach. While, on other occasions; he tends to match the sailorman equally in power. Popeye becomes helpless to beat him either his wittiness or strength. Thus, all these different situations leave a consistency behind about the more powerful guy among both the sailors. The whole story moves around this scenario of Brutus, Olive and Popeye the sailorman.
Moreover, the fun in to the story is incorporated by the funny representation of flop planning of Bluto regarding the will of knocking down the sailorman. In addition, his foolish intension of kidnapping the girl friend of the sailorman also shows funny comedy for the viewers. Sometimes, he plans to steal the can of spinach of the sailorman so that he cannot gain more power by consuming it. This makes the sailorman appear weaker before Brutus, in some episodes of the fictional cartoon series. Many a times, sweet pea creates interruption in the wicked intention of brutus. The scenario of the stronger sailor has never been cleared in the live movie by its creators. The reason behind this fact is to secure the interest of viewers to discover the latest situation in each show. Sweet pea is a baby character of this animated fiction, which has been represented as the beloved guy of the sailorman.

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