Who are Popeye Characters

Who are Popeye Characters

Popeye Characters Who are

Who are Popeye Characters

Those who just love to watch the antics of Popeye and his constant tussle with Bluto, can easily count all the characters of the cartoon film on fingers. The third central character of the comic strip is of course Olive Oyl, the tall and super thin girl friend of Popeye the sailor man. She plays the role of a girl who is not sure about things in life and so she vacillates between Popeye and Bluto as Bluto seems to be stronger than Popeye. Taking help of spinach to overcome the might of Bluto who is bigger and stronger, Popeye finally beats Bluto and the episode ends with Popeye singing his trademark song, Popeye the sailor man.

There are some more characters in the cartoon film series that come and go and they are not that significant from the point of view of the main story of the film. Popeye found a small baby outside his doorstep and adopted him. The name of the baby is Sweat Pea and he amazingly resembles Popeye. Popeye also has four nephews that are named Poopeye, Pupeye, Peepeye, and Pipeye. Wimpy is the name of the close friend of Popeye who is seen asking for a hamburger all the time.

But this is information that is readily available on the net or one can get as soon as he watches a few episodes of the cartoon movie series. What is the need for asking the names of Popeye characters today after so many years? I will let you an inside secret. This is the diamond jubilee year of the launch of Popeye the sailor man and being celebrated in different parts of the world where Popeye memorabilia, toys and merchandise will be sold to people in a bid to honor an unsung hero who is not a super hero neither does make use of any hard weapons to gain muscle strength and power. In fact, his only weapon is cans of spinach that he gulps down every time he finds that the task on hand is difficult and beyond his means. This is what makes him so very special, and today this universal hero is being used to make people remember that Mother Nature has provided us with super foods like spinach to remain fit and healthy. These are times when people in the country are struggling to remain fit, being obese and complaining of ailments. By including spinach in our diet, which is a wonder food easily available in all parts of the world, and that too cheaply, we can ensure that we provide all necessary nutrients to our bodies and remain stress free.

Whenever one thinks of spinach, he is forced to think of Popeye, such is the strong association of the two. Promoting vegetarianism, especially eating spinach is the main motive behind this campaign of selling Popeye goods. People are taking part in this campaign with zeal and it is hoped that this exercise will increase spinach consumption around the world.

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