Popeye vs Bluto the Fights Where We Knew the End

Popeye vs. Bluto: the Fights Where We Knew the End

the Fights Where We Knew the End Popeye vs Bluto

Popeye vs Bluto the Fights Where We Knew the End

Those of us who have grown up watching Popeye the sailor man know how exciting it was to see a lean and thin Popeye take on his adversary and competitor Bluto to woo Olive, the tall girl who eventually fell for the charms and power of Popeye. The secret behind the muscle power and strength of Popeye was ascribed to abundance of beta carotene in spinach, or so the creator of the comic strip believed when the series was introduced way back in 1929.

Spinach is Nature’s gift to mankind and it is difficult to find another so easily available food source that can classify as a super food in this age of pollution and adulteration. The dark green leafy plant contains abundance of iron and beta carotene to make us strong and powerful. However, it is also a treasure house of all essential nutrients like minerals and vitamins. Yes, it is low on calorie count, but if one compares this amazing food source, he finds that there is none to beat spinach in terms of variety and quantity of nutrients per calorie. The long list of nutrients just goes on and on. Magnesium, potassium, selenium, calcium, you name it, spinach has it. It is not just minerals but all necessary vitamins like vitamin K, Vitamin A, vitamin B, folate, vitamin B6, iron, vitamin E, zinc, copper, fibers, niacin. Even omega fatty acids, considered essential for human beings, are found in rich quantities in spinach.

Coming back to the tile Popeye vs. Bluto, all the earlier comics revolved around the same formula. Bluto harasses Olive; Popeye initially gets beaten, takes out a can of spinach and gulps it down to beat the shit out of Bluto and save his lady love Olive. The series always ended on a happy note with Popeye singing his famous song Popeye the sailor man. By the year 1956, everyone thought that the formula had paid up and the readership of the comic strip was finally going down. Paramount pictures, that had been making cartoon films with Popeye, sold out the copyrights to Associated Artists Productions who lost no time in making new series of films with Popeye. To the bewilderment of everyone, the TV ratings of the new series shot up the roof to become very popular not just among the kids but also a whole generation of adults having grown up watching the comic strip or the cartoon film later. If you have been a loyal Popeye fan, and not missed many episodes, you must have noticed a small baby making its appearance in the movies in between and looking like a small Popeye. The baby is not, as you must have thought, a baby of Popeye but a baby of one of his relatives, and endearingly called Sweat Pea.

Popeye vs. Bluto is a saga that continues till today after 75 years it first appeared as a comic strip. If anything, the significance of the Popeye movie has increased to make popular eating of spinach in all parts of the world.

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