The Value of Green Leafy Vegetables

The Value of Green Leafy Vegetables

Leafy Vegetables The Value of Green

The Value of Green Leafy Vegetables

Why are green vegetables so important in our diet?
If I say that greener the color of the vegetable, more beneficial it is for the health of people, I would not be wrong at all. Spinach is a prime example of a green, leafy vegetable that is a treasure house of essential nutrients for human beings. In fact, green vegetables provide a lot of strength and help in improving immune system of human beings. If you want to judge the nutritional abilities of a vegetable, just look at its color and you are not off the mark. Green color is indicative of amount of chlorophyll inside the plant, and thus dark green vegetables have a higher amount of chlorophyll inside. More chlorophyll means higher beta carotene to give muscle power and strength, which is what gave the creator of Popeye the sailor man, a cartoon strip, the idea of a man getting instant power after eating a can of spinach.

Popeye consumes cans of spinach to gain muscle power and strength
Popeye, who is a sailor and loves Olive Oyl, has to face the brute strength of Bluto, another sailor, who is bigger and more powerful than him. Initially, Bluto easily overpowers Popeye but when Popeye gulps down a can of spinach, he develops lot of muscle power and manages to beat the shit out of Bluto. Popeye’s trick remains eating spinach to save his girlfriend from the clutches of Bluto and despite knowing the end of the story, people, especially kids, love the animated series that has been telecast in all parts of the world for the last 75 years. Many of the viewers of the cartoon film think of Sweat Pea, a small baby sometimes seen in the series as being the child of Popeye and his friend Olive. However, he is an orphan whom Popeye found on his door steps.

Coming back to the topic of nutrition given by green vegetables, Spinach has carotenoids that work as antioxidants required by our bodies. These substances are helpful in keeping away various types of cancers and other ailments of joints such as arthritis (a degenerative disease). Carotenoids also keep blood sugar levels under control. Beta carotene (simply vitamin A) is found in abundance in spinach that helps in metabolism of proteins and keeps our vision healthy all the time. Spinach is also full of vitamin C that is not only an antioxidant but also makes our immune system strong to keep us away from infections like common cold and flu.

Spinach and also other green, leafy vegetables contain not just vitamins but also essential minerals like sodium, potassium, and calcium. These keep our skeletal system strong and working in top condition. Potassium helps in maintaining normal blood pressure also. We all know how important calcium is for keeping our bones strong and healthy. Spinach has an abundance of fibers slowing down absorption rate, thus keeping carcinogens away from our bodies. It also prevents our bodies from absorbing excess cholesterols.

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