Popeye Canned Spinach Branded Spinach

Popeye Canned Spinach: Branded Spinach

Branded Spinach Popeye Canned Spinach

Popeye Canned Spinach Branded Spinach

Popeye happens to be the precursor of all super heroes that we have witnessed in the last century and continue to see even today. Yes, he did not have any super power, he was not tall, dark, and handsome, and he was even bald, one eyed, and toothless. But he had a heart of gold, and a morality without any comparison. Popeye the sailor man was shown as a frustrated man muttering nonsense to self and others. When Olive met him for the first time as she was looking for a sailor to make the crew of a ship, she asks him if he was a sailor. To this query, Popeye replies ‘Ja think I am a cowboy’. If Popeye happens to be the most unlikely hero of all times, His girlfriend Olive Oyl happens to be the most unlikely sex symbol ever. She is tall as a bamboo and thin as a cardboard. Nevertheless, this pair of hero and heroine has been loved by the audiences like no other pair in history. The most loved pair in cartoon films also has a cute baby (not their own) called Sweat Pea in the series though he happens to be an abandoned child whom Popeye found on his doorsteps.

Popeye draws his super strength and muscle power from canned spinach that he gulps down whenever his enemy Bluto tries to overpower him in a bid to kidnap Olive. Though Popeye has a been a very popular super hero and loved for his innocence and moral values, he has also indirectly helped greatly to popularize consumption of spinach all over the world, especially the US where canned spinach started to sell in a much higher quantity. There are many companies selling canned spinach but Popeye canned spinach is a brand that sells in very high numbers as compared to other brands. One great feature of this canned spinach is that you do not need to thaw it like other frozen spinach cans and can eat the spinach directly from the can. This is really time saving as one does not need to thaw. Also, one can use this spinach when the recipe demands frozen spinach.

Popeye’s enmity with Bluto continues till today and a person watching an episode knows that it will be Bluto who will beat him badly initially. It is only in desperation that Popeye gets hold of a can of spinach when he needs strength and muscle power. After gulping down the contents of the can, he beats the shit out of Bluto and saves his girlfriend and lady love Olive.

While spinach is mostly consumed fresh in Asian cultures, it is sold frozen and canned in western countries. Whether fresh or canned, spinach remains one of the super foods Mother Nature has provided us. It is full of iron, vitamin A, folate, Vitamins B, C, D, all essential minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, omega fatty acids, fibers and many more substances beneficial for human beings. Spinach prevents cancers, lowers blood pressure, and also helps diabetics.

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