Creamed Spinach One of the many ways to eat Spinach

Creamed Spinach: One of the many ways to eat Spinach

One of the many ways to eat Spinach Creamed Spinach

Creamed Spinach One of the many ways to eat Spinach

We all know how much Popeye loved spinach and how every time he was under a threat from his enemy Bluto, he gulped down the contents of a can of spinach to overpower him. Bluto was double the size of Popeye, yet Popeye managed to beat him because of the power he got from spinach. The creator of the series Popeye the sailor man, E. C. Segar used spinach to be a source of power for Popeye as he was under the impression that spinach was a rich source of beta carotene, commonly known as vitamin A. It is true that spinach contains a lot of beta carotene, but it is a treasure house of many other vitamins and minerals which is why it would not be wrong to call it a super food.

Spinach is a green, leafy vegetable that is very versatile and can be eaten not just fresh but also as frozen and canned form. In most Asian cultures, spinach is sold fresh and one can use the leaves in salads and also after boiling it and making a creamy soup. In fact, creamed spinach is a very tasty food item with its rich flavor and deep taste. In Asian countries, spinach dishes that are very popular are spinach with sweat pea and spinach with cheese.

In a sense, Popeye happens to be the first super hero though he did not have any super powers and made use of something as ordinary as a green vegetable to get muscle power and strength to perform incredible tasks and also to beat Bluto who was stronger than him. People love Popeye despite he is short, balding, toothless, one eyed and an illiterate man who is also a frustrated man muttering nonsense to himself. He is perhaps the most unlikely hero in the world of comics but then his lady love, Olive Oyl is also not the kind of sex symbol that a heroine of a cartoon series would ever be. She is tall as a bamboo and thin as a paper. She is also very fickle minded getting impressed by the antics of Bluto who tries to kidnap her. It is left to the guiles of Popeye and his spinach eating habit to save her from the clutches of Bluto. Popeye’s real power lies in spinach and this is what interests many even today.

2012 happens to be diamond jubilee year of this great unsung hero who made his first appearance way back in February 1929. Surprisingly, the series was earlier running as Thimble Theater and the central characters were Olive and her family. But after Popeye was introduced as a sailor, there was uproar as Segar sought to move him out of the series. He was so much loved that the creator had to bow to the demands of the readers and make him the central character of the series. It was Popeye that made the creator change the name of the series to Popeye the sailor man.

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